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The Digital Standard

The Digital Standard is maintained by researchers, developers, and advocates who believe human interests should drive the development of consumer technologies.

We are seeking individuals and organizations who can contribute as:

Strategic collaborators to help evolve the Digital Standard

Independent testers and labs to conduct rigorous testing and evaluations

Reviewers to provide feedback and improvements to docs and test procedures

Consumer rights, media and policy advocates to help raise standards

Current Partners

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The Digital Standard is open for feedback, additions, and revisions.

The Digital Standard lives on GitHub, a common platform for open source and collaborative projects. You can use GitHub to comment, propose changes, or fork the project to take it in a new direction. The Standard is published openly with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

We accept written feedback via our contact form, as well as pull requests on GitHub, and incorporate feedback into quarterly releases.

Contribute feedback and ideas on our GitHub repo

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